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Mardi Gars Man dressed in a good will & gold underpants :-)
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Mardi Gars Man dressed in a good will & gold underpants :-)

Taylor square in Darlinghurst. When a heterosexual man unknown of local habits passes by, he would certainly feel some special fluid hanging in the air. Bar playing crazy music & tattooed half-naked men stuck into each other, strangely looking females holding confidentially hands each other, faces destroyed by extravagancy of the life & non-standard experiences (who can say - what is the right standard?). This guy is for sure very sensible & he would not hurt even a fly, despite of this I would not have desire to stay by him & follow Mardi Gras March preparations. Some people would not like me because of this attitude, ha*ha.

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Mardi Gars Man asking for 50 bucks for single photo. Bastard! Atmosphere on Oxford Street - preparation to Mardi Gras march. With Mr. DJ in front of our pizzeria.
My study place with PC.

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