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Atmosphere on Oxford Street - preparation to Mardi Gras march.
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Atmosphere on Oxford Street - preparation to Mardi Gras march.

"Famous-infamous Mardi Gras, celebratory march of homosexually orientated people through Oxford St, Darlinghurst in Sydney, cca middle of mai. About 80% of spectators are "normal" & they watch just because of curiosity. It is noteworthy, how strong background must the community have among the city principals, if they can reach closing of the traffic on one of the most busy streets in the middle of the Sydney for more than 15-20 hours. From my point of view of it a bit painful show, interesting no longer than 10 minutes after first half-hour, when the most amazing masquerades are passing by. In the picture - atmosphere of preparation for march - since midday hottest fans look for places with best outlook."

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