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In the capital of Australian U.F.O.s.
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In the capital of Australian U.F.O.s.

We've been to the U.F.O.. capital of Australia. In fact, this is the capital of the whole province Gamma, XL42 quadrant of Milky Way Galaxy, coordinates of the province delimited by The Very First Singularity (4th recalculated version) are: X->lim cotg L exp 3T, Y-> lim cotg (L-0,685T) exp X, Y-> lim cotg XL exp (x -> lim Y exp T), where T is calculated for the time matrix field Ts [L..X] at relativistic gravity 9,8 m/s2. See Encyclopedic handbook for retarded carbon forms with dependent/limited thinking, 157. edition according to The Very First Singularity, 31st recalculated version.

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